Upgrade Your Interiors with an Indian Tapestry

Traditional sanganeri print tapestries have been loved the world over for their dramatically bright and playful colors and prints. Technically a tapestry is a traditional textile art woven on a vertical loom. Apart from decorating a wall, these tapestries are magnificent to add an extra edge to any interior. The tapestries at Jaipurbedsheets.com are made with natural wrap threads such as cotton and features weft-faced weaving. This kind of weaving hides all the warp threads in the whole work, resulting in the finest, unmatched patterns that feel like a flawless painting.

We offer a range of designs from typical Sanganeri and Bagru prints in Mandala patterns, Bohemian and Hippie styles to name a few. Whether tacked up tightly for the perfect shape or draped slightly loose for a relaxed feel, our tapestries are perfect to visually express your personal taste and style. and while they are cool to cover the boring walls, holes, fuse boxes and more, these textile art pieces serve a lot of other purposes.

As we have everything from traditional paisley, animal and floral prints to designs describing royal history and heritage, prints that showcase the classic art in a contemporary way and more, you can easily shop for tapestries to match your interior or pick the abstract pieces that can elevate any decor.

They are impressive, cozy, inviting and artistic. Hang them over your sofa, behind the bed or use them as your throw blanket, light diffuser, tablecloth or bedspread, these multi-functional art pieces are easy to maintain, look fabulous and are highly affordable.

Shop now for your favorite Bohemian or Hippie Tapestry, large size mandala tapestry and much more from Jaipur Bedsheet and enjoy the best quality delivered at your doorstep with fast shipping worldwide.