Single Sanganeri Prints

Sanganeri Prints

Sanganeri print bedsheets are world famous for their beautiful prints and bright shades. People across the globe shop Sanganeri print bed linens and decor items but they knew a very little about this traditional craft of India that has long been patronized by royalty. It has its own secrets that add more
charm and drama to the final products.

The art of Sanganeri block printing is centuries old in India. After the constant wars with Marathas and Mughals in 16th and 17th centuries, many printers migrated from Gujrat to Rajasthan. Here they received the royal patronage that helped them establish the printing industry in the villages of Sanganer,
Bagru, Aokla and other nearby places.

As the industry flourished, Sanganeri printing gained popularity in most European countries and became one of the major exports of the East India Company. Even to this date, these exotic prints are loved all over the world for their distinguished designs, patterns and color combinations.

While a lot has been changed with time, the exclusivity of hand printing remained intact. The artisans of Sanganer still use the same process of printing the fabrics that have been passed them through generations. And though many printing houses are mechanized, we at Jaipur Bedsheets ensure you get the products that are handprinted using the original technique.

Delicate lines, low toned colors and finer nature-inspired designs such as rose, lotus and poppy flowers, vines and paisleys printed against a white background are the characteristics of Sanganeri printing. Being the manufacturers for two generations, we adhere to these design characteristics. You can easily find a range of traditional prints in our collection.

Our artisans use natural, non-toxic colors and a wide range of motifs to create the magnificent home linens. You can choose from a dramatic range of Calico printed single and double bedsheets and bedspreads to Doo Rookhi printed bed linens.

In Calico printing, the artisans first print the outlines and then fill the colors. This process consumes a lot of time and needs utmost skills with a lot of patience to create a fine piece of art. In Doo Rookhi printing, the artists print on both sides of the fabric and the results are fabulous.

Take a look at our extensive range of Sanganeri bedsheets and we are sure you will be smitten by the grace and charm of these printed bedsheets.