Single Bagru Prints

Bagru Prints

If you are fascinated by the colors, art, and culture of Rajasthan, especially the art of printing fabric, then you would love our ethically designed Bagru print bed sheets. These bedsheets are an example of pure magic printed on the finest cotton fabric by our skilled artisans. Every piece in our collection speaks for
the rich heritage of the princely state of India.

Just like Sanganeri prints, Bagru prints are distinguished for the unique technique, patterns, and colors used. Here the motifs are big and bold. The designs include a lot of wildflowers, buds, and foliage. Technically, the printing is done on a blue, indigo or cream background. Dabru and Seyali-bagru are two kinds of prints in Bagru printing. The former uses a resist printing technique while the latter uses wooden blocks for printing. Just like the fabric that has a thread count of 220, the colors we use in printing are naturally sourced. They are traditionally created from rust and rotten fruits, vegetables and other organic sources. Before printing a design on the fabric using a wooden block, the fabric is smeared with earth and dipped into turmeric water to achieve the desired cream color.

An interesting thing about printing is that it is highly dependant on the water. The designs get a reddish tone when washed in the water of Bagru village and that is what gives our bedsheets their authentic Bagru look.

If you wish to enrich your bedroom with traditional art that is beautiful enough to mesmerize anyone and adds a touch of grace and class to any interior then you will surely love our collection of handmade bedsheets. Made to fit a variety of bed sizes from single bed to king-size beds, our collection has a perfect match just for your taste and interior requirements.